Taking Escapism for Granted

My last post levelled more criticism than merit to Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male. But writing it prompted me to consider if the book’s bombast was his own or used more for purposes of sensationalism.

I watched part this AMA from him and his comments on escapism got me thinking. In my world—my work and social circles—it’s considered a perfectly valid activity to engage in and often. But why is this the case? Why is one in a position where reality is less favourable? Can this be changed?

Tomassi frames it as a question of where is more interesting: reality or your fantasies. “Where would you rather be?” Even those predisposed to fantasy may have, through circumstances at the time, lived more in the moment for periods of their lives. Is it feasible to make that the norm?

So for those of us perhaps so inclined to escape into our heads on a whim, consider an alternative. Making a conscious effort to build a more interesting external world could prove fruitful.

[Krishan Wyse]


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